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Complementary Massage if your Insurance covers Acupuncture Treatment

Best Pain Relieve Massage NYC Ease Medsp


Let us help to ease your Mind and your Body

Have muscle knots in your body, or stress out and want to relieve a little tension... our personalized massage therapy addresses your specific needs, and help ease your pain, your anxiety, your mind, and leave you relaxed and at peace. With our affordable pricing and Beauty-Meets-Wellness membership packages designed to help you save your cost, boost your energy, and promote your health and wellbeing!  

Benefits of massage: Help reduce muscle tension, relieve pain and stiffness, reduce stress, improve circulation, make you feel energized.

60-Min Massage

60-Min Massage &

Green Tea Back Exfoliation 

100-Min Massage

With Slimming Wrap

Join our BEAUTY MEETS WELLNESS Membership for the Best Price 

Acupressure Massage at Ease-Ease your pain, your stress, your mind

Signature Massage at Ease

Using a combination of Deep Tissue, Acupressure and Shiatsu techniques with the result of experiencing less anxiety, pain, emotional stress and fewer sleeping problems, it helps the immune system, and leaves your body with a centered feeling of revitalization.


Deep Tissue

Targets the deep tissue structure of the fascia and muscles, referred to as connective tissue.  It breaks up and releases the built-up toxins by loosening the muscles, with the toxins released, blood and oxygen can circulate as they should through your body.



The word aromatherapy is derived from two words, aroma means smell, therapy stands for healing. Combine with our signature stress and pain relieve massage, we use pure therapeutic grade essential oils to assist in healing and balancing on all levels of your body.

Massage and Green Tea Back Scrub

Blended with essential oils, and combined with Green Tea scrub, will exfoliate and moisturize the skin, and gently smooth away dryness, dead skin and leave your skin with a beautiful and healthy glow!


Slimming Body Wrap & Massage

The non-invasive body treatment deeply heats tissue under the skin while simultaneously massaging the body. This combination drains excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways to promote better circulation and healing, tightens skin, and boosts collagen production. Instantly burning off 1000+ calories! Effectively relive your pains or stress without drugs or side effects!

Learn more about our Slimming Body Treatment

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