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DiamondGlow+Dermaplane NYC Ease Medspa
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Why combination facial treatments offer the Best Results?

The signs of aging on your face and body are usually due to three processes that occur: loss of skin elasticity, decrease in volume, and sun damaged skin. The single treatment can not treat all of these effects at the same time. At Ease Medspa & Wellness, we offer a variety of luxury facial aesthetic treatments, from Laser Genesis, DiamondGlow™,  Chemical Peels, Microneedling, Microcurrent, LED Skin Therapy,  Microdermabrasion to Facial Acupuncture Natural Lifting. Our anti-aging program ensures that each facial treatment builds on and enhances the benefits of the others, leading to truly outstanding youthful results.

In order to provide progressive plans to achieve your skin care goals, we have thoughtfully chosen these combinations to create the ultimate glow experience, and our clients at Ease Medspa can always benefit from the combination facial treatments for the following reasons:

  • Custom solution for your specific skin needs

  • Instant youth and Intense glow

  • Cost effective  

  • Save time and enhance results 

  • Nov-invasive, painless and no downtime

What you must do before coming for your appointment?

For your convenience, please ensure that you complete our Digital Intake Forms- Skin Analysis Prior to arriving for your appointment.

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  1. Laser Genesis: face

  2. Custom Facial: include cleansing, steam, toning and extractions 

  3. Chemical Peel Or Microdermabrasion: exfoliation 

  4. LED Light Therapy: soothe and glow

ConcernsFine lines, wrinkles, age spots, large pores, decreased elasticity or firmness, uneven skin tone

Results Seen: Immediate result after one treatment, and increase over a period of 2 weeks.  

Course of treatment: Ideal results are achieved after multiple sessions spaced 4 weeks apart

Great for: Monthly Routine-Join Beauty-Meets-Wellness Membership to achieve a long-last healthy glow

Our Glow At Ease multitasking skin rejuvenation facial combination is one of our most popular treatment for a reason - Intense Glow! Be uplifted by this trio of combined facial services designed to lift and firm your skin while providing deep hydration. Our trained aestheticians will ensure you feel at ease throughout the process!

How: Brighten, tone and even your face through Laser Genesis skin tightening, Custom Facial preps for laser collagen induction, paired with the exfoliation of Microdemabrasion or Chemical Peel to peel away the upper layers of skin, and help reduce age spots and sun damage; promote healing through the use of soothe LED Skin Therapy; This holistic approach can address several facial aging concerns and target different layers and areas of your skin at once, as well as the overall skin appearance, and reverse the signs of aging from the inside and out. 

What To Expect: Visibly tighter and lifted skin, improved contour around eyes and face, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, even and improved skin texture.






  1. DiamondGlow™: 3x1™ technology

  2. Dermaplaning: removes fine peach fuzz

  3. LED Light Therapy: soothe and glow


Concerns: Oily, dull skin, fine lines, uneven texture, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, age spots, peach fuzz removal

Results Seen: Noticeable result after one treatment with no downtime

Course of treatment: We recommend 1-2 treatments per month to see continued improvement results

Great for: Monthly Routine-Join Beauty-Meets-Wellness Membership to achieve a long-last healthy glow

Experience the benefits of combining DiamondGlow™ with Dermaplaning breakthrough technology into this rejuvenation treatment, followed by LED Skin Therapy for an immediate glow and shine! 

HowBy combining these two facial treatments together, it address virtually every skin concern you could possibly have. Dermaplaning begins to unclog pores by gently removing the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and other impurities from your skin’s surface, and preps your skin for further exfoliation and extraction with the 3x1™ DiamondGlow skin resurfacing treatment,  that deeply cleanse, hydrate and gently buffs away clogged pores and dry skin while vacuuming away debris. Your skin is simultaneously being infused with skin-conditioned serums. Bring out your inner glow with this powerful  combination and maintain a healthy, luminous skin.

What To Expect:​ Improved roughness and dryness, brighten and clearer with unclogged, reduced dark spots and discoloration, refined pores, more even skin tone. 






  1. Custom Facial: include cleansing, steam, toning and extractions 

  2. Microcurrent: tightening and lifting

  3. Microdermabrasion: exfoliation  

  4. LED Light Therapy: soothe and glow

Concerns: blemishes, age spots, visible lines around eyes and lips, toning and firming

Results Seen: Noticeable lifted appearance after one treatment 

Great for: Monthly Routine-Join Beauty-Meets-Wellness Membership to achieve a long-last healthy glow


Love yourself with this amazing all inclusive facial that is created to lift and nourish your skin.

How: Our Signature Clarifying Facial works best on deep cleansing and prep skin for the better penetration, with the exfoliation of Microdemabrasion to activate the skin’s deep, regenerative mechanisms so that elasticity is increased; while Microcurrent lifting and plumping the skin for a radiant glow by utilizing soft-wave therapy to remove wrinkles and unsightly blemishes, and revitalize your lip and eye areas; conclude with soothe and glow LED skin therapy that regenerate cellular activity and heal your skin. Watch as fine lines and wrinkles reduced with this anti-aging combination, you are left with a smoother, more even skin tone. Enjoy the benefits of looking lifted and positively radiant. 

What To Expect: Defined facial contours, enhanced clarity and brighter ski, lifted and toned skin around eyes and lips, renewed collagen​, reduced blemishes